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3rd TERM

Welcome to this third term, the last period of this year, we invite you to continue working on your blogs with the compromise and responsability that have identify you.
We are going to continue developing week by week the tasks and activities during this time, remember the last week was N° 18, so our page is going to be label with week 19.
Imagen that you are going to cook a delicious but the most exotic  meal for 100 people, so write a recipe of an international or national food, consider all the plates including salad, dessert and drinks, explain about the origen, nutrients and tastes of the meal you are going to prepare, you can also mix different food from different regions from Colombia or around the world  Remember to paste images or videos about it. 
Supported on your text book Unit 7 answer these questions:
What are the differences between art in a gallery and art in the street or in a part?  Where do you prefer to look at art?
Think of a piece of artwork of photograph you love.  paste the picture, Describe it and explain why you love it.

Supported on your text book Unit 7 answer 
Plan and make a presentation about a public art:
Find about  a piece of public art that you like
Collect photos and information about the artist, the work and its messages to be posted in your blog.
Finallly take a photograph about any inspirational topic you decide upload it in your blog and describe:  why do you choose that image?, what feelings wake you up?, what do you want to transmit throught it? 
Look at the photos:
How does it make you feel?
How do you think the people in the photos feel?
Can you avoid your feelings?
What do you do when you feel sad, worry, anguish, fear?
Write a descriptive paragraph  based on the photos,  tell about what would you do to change this dramatic escenes in the world 
Unit 8 in your text book
Resultado de imagen para hunger
Resultado de imagen para poverty
     Resultado de imagen para war
Resultado de imagen para epidemia
This week you are going to think about the amazing and revolutionary events and inventions that have appeared and transform  the history of the humanity, illustrate your findings and describe them, remember we are talking about our past.
During the past of the years it has occured a lot of natural disasters, so on your text book  pg 129 there is a reading about that, tell with your words your understanding, and tell which one would you be most afraid of?  Why?
paste images that illustrate the events.
Create a Poster to educate people about what to do if a natural disaster could happen in the area where you live.
Write and illustrate a true story about survival.  It could be about yourself, someone you know, or a famous person.  You can support on pg. 139.
Supported on your text book Unit 7 answer these questions:

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